A bit about the band

The Telepathians are born during the spring of 18, when three Uruguayans and a Mexican accidentally coincide in Madrid. It all started in a basement on Tres Peces, Street where Luke, Mathías, Max and Jesús begin to coin their self-styled "Sheep Punk", an undisciplined mix of 70's Rock, Punk and Psychedelia in which both Max and Mathías combine their lyrics in songs as personal and different from each other, as complementary.

Upon arrival in Madrid, Max (guitar) and Luke (drums) - who had already shared a studio during the creation of the album Alma Ingenua by Max Ruano - met in the neighborhood of Antón Martín with the idea of forming a tribute band to Lou Reed To accompany them on bass they call Mathías, the third Uruguayan lost on the streets of Madrid, who along with Luke himself (ex Dejavu) and Jesus, were embarked on another parallel project, Children of Psychedelia.

Although they never get to formalize the tribute band to Lou Reed, these meetings were the ones that led to the birth of The Telepaths.

Its first live shows are distributed in different venues in the Lavapiés and Malasaña neighborhoods, such as Calvario, Juglar, the Intruso Bar, the Barco room and the Honky Tonk, where the reception of the Madrid public confirms the good sensations of the band and its surroundings. That impulse leads them to record their first singles, Sheep / Two Days and Amphetamine / El Vacilón. A few months later they launch Double Turbine Triple A (No More Chimichurri For You Man), the presentation was made. In one of his many music nights, Mathías meets Ricci in Plaza Dos de Mayo, who was already rehearsing with The Telepaths the other morning, to supplant Jesus, who had left the band sometime before.

So with a stable formation of Max (guitar/bass), Mathías (guitar/bass) Luke (drums) and Ricci (guitar), The Telepaths embark on this new stage in which the Max Scenna Producer has joined the works for the imminent new releases.

A step forward that will not leave anyone indifferent. Sheep Punk, the Sheep Rock, has come to stay. Telemedia is one way.


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